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I’m Still Alive, Now What?!?: How to Survive and Thrive After a Life-Changing Event


Excerpt from book:

I’m Still Alive, Now What?!?

~ Chapter One ~

What the Heck Just Happened to Me?

 “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

~ Winston Churchill

Shock to the System—Time to Breathe and Re-Group!  

You’ve been through a major life-changing event, something that not only changes your life, but also changes YOU. Your world has been rocked on some level, perhaps on many levels. The world shifted. All of a sudden, everything seems different. Nothing makes sense the way it used to. You may feel like you are “freaking out”! What you used to think and feel about the world may have shifted, too. Events that shake up your world have a huge impact on you.

Surprisingly, the life changing event also has the potential to help you grow, to become wiser, and to be more loving. In the chapters that follow, we will explore how you can use this life-changing event to enhance and enrich your life.

Examples of life-changing events:

Someone you love becomes seriously ill

An accident

The heartbreak of a relationship ending

A divorce

The loss of a job

Moving to a foreign country or a different city

News of a life-threatening illness

Someone you are close to passes away


An empty nest

A natural disaster

A serious illness

Realize that change affects your whole system. It affects you mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It affects all aspects of your being. Think about that for a moment while you take 2 deep breaths. Take a deep breath—not a shallow breath. Hold that breath for a moment. Let it out slowly. Take another breath and let it out slowly.

 “This too shall pass.”

Helpful Hint: Take a moment to reflect on your “story” about the event that changed your life, and then write down your thoughts and feelings. Write about guilt, regrets, resentments, and pain, if that is present. Write in as full a detail as you can and be as honest as you can. If emotions come up, just be with them. Keep writing until it feels complete. Consciously watch your thoughts. Strive to be the observer, rising above whatever just happened. You are much bigger and much stronger than the event!